“Tasha is an absolutely wonderful piano instructor with such a gentle and organic spirit. From the very first meeting, she has had a great rapport with both of our children. We began with lessons for our son at age 5 and quickly followed with preschool lessons for our daughter just after her 4th birthday. As a testament to how pleased we are with the instruction, our family recently moved out of the Alexandria area, about 45 minutes away, but we insist on continuing to commute to lessons at her studio. There are piano instructors everywhere but we feel Tasha is truly one of a kind and we appreciate all that she does to pour into our children each week. Music is in their genes and she is indeed the best catalyst to help bring it out. And to think we found her during a quick online search for “piano instructors in Alexandria!” How fortunate we were. Arpeggio is highly recommended by our family...the kids love Ms. Tasha! :)”

Chrystal B.


Karanoelle W.


"As a teacher myself, I look for 3 elements in any program that I sign my child up for: 1) A sound Scope & Sequence, 2) A teacher who LOVES children AND her craft, and 3) Learning through PLAY and FUN activities. Tasha hits it out of the park with her sincere, patient, and thoughtful interactions with my preschooler. I'm pleased with his progress and continuous love of piano. He told me that he wishes he could play piano with Miss Tasha every day. And we probably would let him, if we lived a little closer!"

Sarah Sandvig

MTACLB President

"Tasha served as 2nd Vice President on the Music Teachers Association of California Board (Long Beach branch) with me, and was fantastic! She brought programs and innovative teaching ideas to our branch. She juggled her involvement with our branch in addition to getting her Master's degree and maintaining a full teaching schedule. She is a young, vivacious and an incredible teacher. She has my highest recommendation."

Ken L.


"Tasha is an amazing piano instructor who makes lessons enjoyable for students of all ages. I was very fortunate to have found Tasha to teach piano to my son, who is now ten years old. She is great with kids. I’m astounded by the incredible progress that my son has made after only 2 years of lessons with Tasha. She has taught him strong fundamental skills in music and has helped to spark in him a deep interest in piano and performing.

After years of struggling with impulsivity and attention issues, my son is much more focused now and has improved in school and other areas.  I can attribute much of this improvement to the wonderful outlet that Tasha has helped to create through her lessons. Tasha’s piano studio has been a truly fulfilling experience for my son and his proud parents.

Tasha herself is an accomplished pianist with outstanding credentials in musicology and performance. I have recommended her to my close friends and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dedicated piano teacher for themselves or their children."

Brittney B.


"Miss Tasha is such a kind and patient teacher. She took her time to work things through with my son while expecting him to perform at the level she knew possible."

Krista F.


Tasha is very detail oriented and is perfect with younger student and older students alike. She is very responsive and is flexible in her approach to students. I have two children (with very different personalities and learning styles) taking lessons with Tasha, and she meets their needs flawlessly! They are both progressing beautifully under her steady and learned tutelage.

Aoife G.

Student, Age 8

"Ms. Tasha got me back into piano after not playing for two years, and she inspired me a lot!  Ms. Tasha not only used piano books and stickers to teach me, she used CDs, the iPad and weekly challenges to teach me rhythm.  I loved having her as a teacher!  She’s amazing, and I hope she visits California soon so I can see her again."

Natalie T.


"My son first started lessons with Tasha when he was 3 years old. He was extremely shy and nervous, but Tasha was very patient and attentive. My son has learned so much; I'm amazed at his progress and it's all thanks to Tasha. She is excellent with kids, both younger and older. She makes her lessons fun and provides appropriate rewards. 

She is genuinely passionate about music and teaching, and runs her studio very professionally. She even recorded my son's lessons so that I could ensure he was practicing correct technique at home, and she sent detailed emails of his progress. This showed how much she cared about my child. 

She organizes recitals that are interesting and engaging. I love that she plays duets with her students and helps them grow their confidence. She also sweetly and reassuringly stayed with my super shy son on stage during his entire recital performances to help with his confidence. She also hosts occasional holiday parties/group piano lessons for her students. 

You can just tell she loves being a piano teacher - it's apparent in everything she does. I highly highly recommend Tasha to anyone looking for quality piano lessons. I am so sad she is moving out of state, but am grateful for my son's time with her and the impact she has made on him musically. I know he will never forget his first piano teacher."

Priscilla R.


"My daughter was only 3 years old when she started lessons with Miss Tasha. If it wasn't for Miss Tasha's patience and caring attitude, I know my daughter would have lost interest. She always looked forward to going to piano lessons, as she would say, to "play with Miss Tasha." Not only was Tasha very knowledgeable, but also super patient with parents - she took the time to explain to parents what their childrens' individual needs were. My daughter performed her first duet at a recital with Miss Tasha at age 3; I cried of happiness just to see how far along she had gone in a matter of months. We were sad to hear Miss Tasha was relocating, but we are happy for her new accomplishment and new adventures!"

Kevin M.


"Tasha has been great in teaching piano and music to our twin girls. She recognizes that not every child learns in the same way and approached each girl differently in their individual piano lessons. She also made herself accessible to us in between the weekly lessons for questions or concerns we might have as the girls were practicing. I could not recommend Tasha more highly."

LeVondra I.


"Tasha is very patient and awesome with what she does. My teen daughter has learned so much in just three sessions. I would recommend her to friends any day."