About Our Lessons

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We work with parents and students to ensure every student receives a solid foundation in music theory, aural skills, music literacy and history, and performance. Specific methods depend on the age and particular needs of each student.



Students typically attend lessons once per week. Once assigned a weekly time, the studio calendar generally follows the local school district calendar regarding holidays, breaks, etc. Summer lessons are also available on a special schedule.




Periodic group classes are organized throughout the year to give private students the opportunity to collaborate with other students, reinforce theory skills, practice sight reading, play duets and other ensemble pieces together, and learn performance etiquette in a low-stress, supportive environment of their peers.



Two full-studio student recitals are held per year: a Halloween Recital in the fall, and a Spring Recital in May. Other performance opportunities are offered throughout the year through NVMTA and other outside programs.



Prospective preschool students have the following options:

  • KiddyKeys: A group* music exploration program that prepares young beginners for formal piano lessons, as well as reinforcing important preschool lessons including social skills, gross and fine motor development, early math skills, memory building, music alphabet, colors, shapes, hand-eye coordination, verbal skills, creative development, listening skills, and more! (A minimum of three students is needed to start a new class - gather your friends to arrange an introductory session today!)

    Contact us today about KiddyKeys in-studio or on-location at your local preschool!

- Age 1.5-3yrs: KiddyKeys & Company ("Mommy-and-Me" style class)
- Age 2.5-5yrs: KiddyKeys

  • WunderKeys: Weekly private lessons that give a lively, friendly, age-appropriate introduction to one-on-one private piano lessons. Upon completion, students can transition directly from Wunderkeys into traditional piano lessons. Individual paces vary (every child is unique!), but students typically "graduate" from WunderKeys in 6-12 months.



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