September 2017 Piano Explorer

Featured Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach is one of the most famous and important composers in the history of Western music. We will spend September and a good part of October talking about him and his music. Students of all ages can benefit from many of the following links and resources:

Module A: Mr. Bach Comes to Call

Children of all ages can delight in this story of a young girl doing her piano practice when she gets a surprise visitor - Mr. Bach himself! He talks to her about his life and music and encourages her to keep learning, with recordings of many of his most famous works woven throughout the story.

Listen for free on YouTube (may be subject to ads between tracks): Mr. Bach Comes to Call - YouTube Playlist

Purchase/stream on Amazon: Classical Kids Mr. Bach Comes to Call

Module B: About Bach


  • Piano Explorer p. 2-5



Module C: Organ


  • Piano Explorer p. 8-9


Module D: String/Vocal Pieces



Module E: Keyboard Works

Fun Fact: when Tasha was 10 she went on the Gong Show and won - $317.69. Her act was cartwheeling onto the stage in a full tuxedo and performing Bach's Prelude in C Major. The footage is still on VHS at her parent's house but one day it may become publicly available :)