March 2017 Piano Explorer

Featured Composer: Muzio Clementi

Muzio Clementi is a Classical composer known as the "father of the piano." During his lifetime, he advocated for the instrument (then called a Fortepiano) all over Europe, and wrote music specifically for the piano and its unique capabilities (rather than for the harpsichord, or for an unspecified keyboard instrument, as many other keyboard composers did at the time). He is perhaps best known in the world of piano pedagogy for his Sonatinas, which have become a staple in intermediate student repertoire, but he also composed advanced works such as Sonatas, as well as some lesser known symphonic music.

One of the biggest events of his lifetime that he is known for today is the piano duel he once had with Mozart. There is a short vignette in this month's issue of Piano Explorer about this duel, but to hear an in-depth description of the event filled with music by both Clementi and Mozart, parents and older students may be interested in listening to this podcast over the course of the month: 

Week 1


  • Piano Explorer p.2-3, 9





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Week 3


  • Piano Explorer p. 10-11

Listen (Pieces with intervals in the melody):

Week 4


Listen (Musical Characteristics Op. 19):